Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Making foiled flower decorations

Do you like the effect of these foil decorations on my greetings card? When you see them in person, they look like they have been foil printed onto the card because they are very smooth. Or perhaps they could even be peel offs. But no, they were much cheaper to make than that.
They started life as a roll of 3m Aluminium tape. The kind you use for DIY. All you need then are some flower punches. I've used my Tonic Studios flower punches here. 
All you need to do is punch out a few flowers and carefully peel off the backing paper- this is a bit fiddly- but worth it. Then apply to your card or scrapbook page smoothing it out carefully. Then use the bottom of a glass and rub in circular motion over the flower to burnish it to your page- this removes any catchy bits. For the finishing touch use a sharpish pencil and draw in lines and designs however you want the flower to look. I think the finished result is very satisfying.
For this one I used one of my Petal Pairs punches and a heart punch to make a leaf shape.
Believe me, you can get a whole lot of flowers out of one roll of tape. And you can use so many different punch shapes with this technique. Just try to keep to ones that are not too fiddly. 
Have fun, and let me know if you try this. 


  1. Fantastic Doda, I used this tape on the altered guitar I made. Great idea. Lee xx

  2. lovely cards, doda! who knew that foil could be so much fun?!! xox

  3. I love this! Any other use than maintenance for this tape is pretty awesome. I had to use some on our AC this summer. Now you've given me a good idea what to use the rest for. So creative!!!


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