Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Just figured this out!

Hello, yes, it's me again,

I wanted to share something that may be of interest to you if you are arty - or even if you are not.

I was on Paperless Post sending a couple of cards to friends the other day when I discovered something that I didn't know could be done.

I can actually use my own artwork to make a virtual custom card to send. What fun! I can now send virtual cards with my own designs. I'm just a bit excited by that ! Could you tell?  Here is one of mine with my fox illustration.

PP give you guidelines for the image sizes, so make sure to follow them. You can then add text, choose a background image,  add an envelope style and liner and even a virtual stamp.

To send a card with your own image just go to Paperless Post and search for custom.  Of course you could use photographs if you don't draw or paint so that you can really personalise your card. They give you a few different options for the shape of the card and then you can create your own masterpiece with your own message.

It really adds a special touch when you send a card with your own artwork and also gives you an idea how it might work as an actual greetings card. Now I know that you can do this, I'm going to be on there even more! It's a great way to send a card.

Have fun.

Hello, remember me?

I know, I know. I'm a pathetic blogger these days. I agree! I've been pretty busy, but I usually just put what I am doing on my Instagram account these days and I forget to update the blog.

So what have I done since I was last on here? The course I was on at the beginning of the year really helped me to focus my ideas and see what it is that I want to do, so that has helped me to set myself various projects which I am working away on. It is good to have goals.

I've been working on a collection of watercolour mushroom among other things. I've been editing a collection of my dad's poetry that he wants to give to each of the family. I've also been renovating furniture, looking after my family doing all the usual things one has to do. I don't know really...time flies past.

Well, I have a long to do list for the day, so I better get on with it.
Have a lovely day.