Wednesday 22 July 2009

Sour Milk

When we lived in Belize in Central America, we used to watch HGTV on cable. On one particular program, there was a feature with Martha Stewart using milk paint to create a set of shaker style steps for her kitchen. I was so impressed with the finish and the whole concept, that I researched milk paint and eventually bought some from South Africa.

The Original Milk Paint co. says...
Milk Paint is a traditional, long-lasting paint made from milk casein, clay, earth pigments and lime. It is a natural, non-toxic product that bonds with hard porous surfaces, such as sanded wood, by way of a naturally forming resin, called calcium caseinate.

The milk paint comes in powdered form and all you needed to do with this particular variety, was mix with water. This was about 6 or seven years ago, and I carefully stored my milk paint in a tin in a dry place. Funnily enough I stored it in a large KLIM powdered milk tin.
After all this time,(how does life get so busy?) I thought I would try out the paint on one of my auction bargains. I bought this little bathroom corner cupboard a while back for the vast sum of £1. Actually, I think I bought this and a couple of other things for £1! I sanded it back to the bare wood ready to recieve the milk paint.
I followed the instructions carefully and mixed and mixed untill it started to look creamy, and then let it sit for a while to thicken up.
It didn't seem to be thickening up much.
But I went ahead and started painting it on the wood to see what happened. Hmm, don't think it's supposed to be all lumpy and gritty! I had to clean off the cupboard. It seems my milk paint has gone off. I guess the heat in Belize is probably what did it as it has been stored cool and dry enough here. It was probably ruined within the first wee while of owning it. Guess I'll be using ordinary paint this time after all.
I'm not sure if the company is still in business any more, but if they were I think I think I would order more. I have another auction bargain - a hall table that would look gorgeous in this shaker grey/green.

Saturday 18 July 2009

Summer rain

After the beautiful summer sunshine which we have enjoyed for a couple of weeks, we are now back to typical British summer weather. Rain, rain and more rain. The lilys are beginning to go over now, and the poppy petals have all been washed off. I am sure the bees, like us, are longing for a little glimpse of the sun ...
...And talking of rain, there has been a little rain on my parade lately as I have been suffering with what the doctor thinks is a hiatus hernia. But there is a ray of sunshine in that, as I cannot eat as normal and so I am hoping that I will lose some weight. I have also (when the weather permits) been out for a daily walk to get some exercise. Hopefully things will improve as I get a bit fitter.
On the crafting side of things, I am in the middle of a batch of greeting cards, and then after I have cleared that away, the sewing machine is coming out to play. Oh, and my daughter wants her room decorated. Right, I am getting off this seat and going for a walk now. I'll be taking my umbrella!!!!

Saturday 11 July 2009

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

It's been a most enjoyable time lately as we have been out and about, spending time with my brother and sister in-law and family who were up for their annual Highland holiday.
We've visited the park...
...had plenty fun and fresh air...

...been to see the Moscow State Circus - that was really cool!

...and meantime, the garden continues to bloom and flourish. Already we are collecting seed heads for next year from some flowers. These seed heads are from some pretty purple violas. Exquisite don't you think?
Remember the pot I painted back in this post? Well here it is planted up with Alyssum and Osteospernum.