Thursday 31 January 2013

Paper punch?

This is Munch. I made him for my older daughter when she was about 6. (She is now nearly 20!) He was made without a pattern and he was my own version of Mr Punch. 

Recently I had some stripy paper in my stash and it was just crying out to become a puppet theatre card.
I couldn't find a Mr Punch clipart so I drew one, cut it out and covered it in a layer of Embossing powder to give him a bit of strength.

Mr Punch is glued to a lollipop stick and fits into a little tab of paper on the back of the aperture. He can be taken out and played thus doubling the cards fun.

 You could take this idea and make a whole gang of characters for your puppet theatre card. It could be a present and card all in one.

To make... use a tall card blank and cover with stripy paper...cut an aperture for the stage and make the top into a point. I've decorated mine with trim made from this punch.
You can use a little flap of mulberry paper to make a backdrop . Glue this just above the back of the aperture. Then don't forget to make a paper strip to slot the puppet into - just below the back of the aperture.

 OK Mr Punch, you can go now! I want to show my readers the card insert...
I thought it was fun.
So there you have it...Got anything else to add, Munch?

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Magnifying Bookmark

You know how it're lying in bed trying to sleep and then BANG you get an idea and you just have to try it out. So here they are...Crazy Glasses Magnifying Bookmark.  I'm thinking of making a few for my Etsy shop.

Does anyone read books any more? I know I do, but do most people have a Kindle or other device now? Well, for those of us that still prefer real paper books, these would make a fun gift.
I'd better make some more now!

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Cricut Mini Review

Hello! I've been having a bit of fun today...well, it is my birthday... so I've allowed myself some playtime. I've been sent a Provocraft Cricut Mini to try out, so that is exactly what I have been doing...and it's been good fun!
I've been wanting to try some kind of electronic cutting machine for a while, so this was the ideal opportunity for me to see how one works. Having never used one before I am a total newbie .

It comes with a nice little folder with some very clearly laid out instructions on how to install the machine and start on your first project - it even includes the card you will use for your first project. The instructions were very easy to follow and I was making some cards in no time at all.

I uploaded the Cricut design Room software to my computer without a hitch. It is fairly straightforward and intuitive to use,.  I soon got the hang of moving things around and choosing what I wanted. The software comes with a free font and an assortment of shapes for you to play with including a few ready made items like cards and gift tags.

I like that you can cut out letters from a shape and then use the cut out letters on another project.
 I was concerned that with only the free cartridge I would not have much to play with, but with 500 free images there were plenty of options for me to get started with and you can resize and manipulate the images given to suit your needs.
(Wouldn't this make a lovely anniversary card! Really sweet. )

There are plenty of cartridges and digital images available for immediate download and purchase, and I am sure there are styles to suit most peoples needs.
My only frustration with the product is that it doesn't allow me to cut out my own designs, but if that is not what you are looking for,  then this is the perfect product for you. It doesn't take up too much space, is easy to use, cuts beautifully and gives you access to a whole world of designs.

For people in the UK, I've found it online here at the best price so far.

Thursday 10 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hello's been a while. We've had a household full of bugs and aches and pains of varying kinds for the holidays, so blogging was not really on the agenda. My poor son came home for a wee break from Uni and ended up sick in bed for a few days. Not the kind of rest he was hoping for - but it was lovely to see him anyway.

So, have I managed any crafting over the holidays? Not a whole lot. I have started to crochet a scarf...I think it might be ready by next winter! At least I won't run out of yarn. It cost me around 90p at a charity shop!

I've done a bit of card-making in the last couple of days now that my craft-room has been vacated (it doubles as my son's bedroom).  I also have a long list of sewing and other creative projects lined up for 2013. Currently I am keeping the list in my head because if I commit it to text and then never get around to anything on the list I'll feel bad ! This'll never know what it was I didn't do! I'm mean like that!
Mwa ha ha ha !
I can't show you all this card cos the recipient might see it!

I hope you all had a good holiday and that you have a wonderful 2013.