Friday 4 March 2016

And now it is March !

I'm still rather busy trying to sort out the new house, put up curtain poles, build shelving, that sort of thing. It's going to take a while to really get this place ship shape, but at least we are in. 

The grounds are going to take a whole lot more work. We are currently trying to get our builders to come back and rectify some major issues they need to attend to. Very frustrating. 

As I don't have a craft of the day to show you, I am showing you something I made just before we left out rental house. My older daughter is currently studying photography and sometimes needs props to go with her project themes. I was roped in to make a medieval herbal book for her to photograph....such a hardship...not!

I cut up an old leather handbag for the cover. For the pages, I  only  printed on the first four. I used thick cotton watercolour paper. They have all been distressed with strong tea ( no milk or sugar)  and for the edges I used a Tonic Studios distresser tool to age them. 

(See , I still managed to use a bit of Tonic Studios even when making a medieval herbal book ! )

If you are wondering, the book is supposed to be bleeding where it has been shot with the arrow.
It was for a Cadfael Mysteries book cover project. I really enjoyed putting this one together for her.

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.