Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Making a towel fancy and showing off my shower room

I have just finished sticking a bit of wallpaper in our shower room. I wish I had photos from 'before' but I never thought to take any. Believe me, it was not pretty. Mismatching ...well everything was mismatching. And the tile effect wallpaper and flowery tiles that were in the shower...and the shower enclosure...and the lighting...yeuch!

As we have our house on the market now - I thought I would dress up some hand towels to put out for viewings - should anyone ever come see our house! The market is so very slow right now and it is the wrong time of year...but I know it only takes one buyer.'s how to jazz up a plain white boring towel - mine was from Asdas. Choose a towel that has a plain woven strip along one edge...this makes it easier to sew to.

 Find a strip of fabric a little wider than the towel and a little longer than the depth of the woven strip. Using your iron, turn the raw edges over to make the dimensions match the strip on your towel and press neatly. Then all you need to do is pin in place and stitch either using a machine or by hand. I did mine by hand so that the stitching is invisible, and also because at that moment my machine was in for repair! 

So I placed the towel in the afore mentioned shower room and decided that the room is still looking a bit bare, so I took another scrap of fabric and rustled up a quick pelmet. 
There, I think that looks better. I'll play around with accessories a bit now.
I'm happy with that now I think. I am pleased with the wallpaper. I'm not really a big wallpaper fan, but the wall needed more than a bit of paint. It has the look of dragged paintwork in a pale grey. It finishes the room off nicely. 
And seeing as how I am showing you this room I have to mention the loo roll holder. There was hardly any room to place one here so I had a hunt on the internet for one that I liked that was set into the wall. The only ones I could find were in the US and I didn't want to pay large shipping charges, so I got my dad to make me one. He did a fantastic job don't you think? It fits in perfectly and is unobtrusive but still looks stylish. Thanks Dad!


  1. Beautiful, Doda! I love the touches you added. And the market is slow there too!? Goodness, it's just terrible here. Many people are under water with their houses. But with a beautiful bathroom like that it should sell quickly!!! Good luck!!

  2. What a nice tip, thank you for sharing. You have a lovely bathroom. Hope your buyers show up soon. We are thinking about putting ours back on the market, even though this is the slow season for home buyers. But we're getting that nudge, we shall see what happens.

  3. I love all your little touches. They make the space look incredibly luxurious, don't they!

    And I am so jealous of your loo roll holder. We're about to redo our upstairs and I will have to remember this idea because we'll be needing space saving ideas!


  4. Fantastic tip, your shower room looks amazing. Lee xx

  5. So, so lovely. 'I thought I'd just rustle up a quick pelmet'.... er, as one does!! I *wish* did - I have quite a number of windows needing that very thing, but I wouldn't know where to start.
    I'm amazed your house hasn't sold. Hubby and I saw it online, and drooled quite a bit, I have to say. It's so lovely. Hope it goes soon, for your own sake :)

  6. Hey may even find that your house looks so lovely all done up that you won't want to move anyway! Ok...that might be a bit silly...anyway, it's certainly looking good!


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