Thursday 15 July 2010

I'm still here!

Hi everyone! I'm still here. It's been kinda busy in the Smith household lately. We now have a daily routine of exercises and walks to fit in with all the usual stuff. We are currently getting our hall renovated too. It is so nice to have someone in to do the hard work. I have been looking at our dreadful hall now for 7 years wondering when I could muster up the effort to do something about it, and now that my husband has had a heart attack, and we need to speed up finishing the house we have gritted our teeth and payed a very nice handy chap to come and help us. I am very thankful as I must admit I am feeling pretty exhausted right now. I shall post photos once it is finished.
On another note, a while back I had asked for advice about ironing linen. Well, my husband just bought me a lovely new iron, and now I have no problems ironing it. Don't know why I put up with the old iron for so long. I finally managed to tackle the mountain of months old ironing that was piling up and can now see the bottom of the basket!
(So now that I know I can iron this linen I bought, I think I may make some nice new pillowcases and a duvet cover from it.) More things to add to my TO DO list !
I've also been making some of my little boxes ready for the next batch of jewellery I am going to make. I've been meaning to target the art gallery down the road for a couple of years now and it's about time I got around to it.
The picture above is of a little birdy who flew into our kitchen window and stunned himself. However, he did recover and flew off after sitting there for about an hour. It's a bit like us, we felt kind of stunned for a while but now by God's grace, we are beginning to pick ourselves up and get on with things again.

Friday 2 July 2010


We were honoured by the visit of two lovely moths yesterday. This one is a Large Emerald, and it chose our study door to perch on. ( I am rather embarrassed now I see how dirty the door is. That is on my list of jobs for this afternoon!)
It looked funny when my little girl peered through the glass at it! And this rather grand specimin is a Buff Ermine. He was really fluffy. This is the first time we have seen either of these varieties, so we were pretty excitedly flicking through the books trying to identify them. What a treat. They stayed all day.