Saturday 29 October 2011

Yet another journal

I wanted to show you this latest journal I have made. It was a request from Naomi (older daughter) for a little book to write down her photography ideas and inspirations. She wanted me to use vintage photographs on the cover. 
I wanted to make it more hard wearing than just a paper cover, so I used a technique to transfer a toner print onto fabric. This was my first attempt and so I could possibly have achieved a clearer output if I had worked at it more, but in fact I really like the aged worn look and think it works well for this project. 
I used a good quality sketch paper that will accept most mediums and sewed it together using a hidden long-stitch binding.
Because the paper was thick I made 6 signatures of four sheets each.
The picture in the corner of the above picture was my aunt as a child. She passed away yesterday at age 83. She had dementia and it was sad that she went downhill so quickly.
I liked the way the paper I used for the transfer had an almost vellum quality about it once it was used, so I used it for an inner paper.
I was really pleased with how this little book turned out and so thanks to Naomi for the inspiration, I shall be doing some more with the vintage photos. Watch this space.

On another note, I should be able to get with some sewing projects now as I have just picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop!!! 

Thursday 20 October 2011


Naomi (my elder daughter) baked us this delicious raspberry cake yesterday. It was absolutely scrumptious! 
I'd say come on over and try a bit, but I am afraid to say there is not a crumb left!! Sorry ;-) 
Thanks, Naomi - we love your cakes! (And your photographs.)

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Paper punches - they're not just for cardmakers

I recently received a few new gorgeous Tonic Studios border and edger punches to try out. I must say, this Daisy border punch is now one of my favourite punches. It's so versatile. I made this card to send to friends who just got married. I made quite a fancy card- different to my usual clean and simple style.
I used several layers of vellum and shiny gold paper to create the layered effect. The rosette was made from vellum and because I object to sending things through the post in special sized boxes ('cos of the price), I flattened the concertina flower down in a spiral fashion so that it would fit into a regular envelope. I also made great use of the teeny little flowers that are punched out of the border- you might be able to spot some of them in some of my tiny journal creations too. They are so delicate and sweet. I also used the flower head punch and the punched out shapes from the multi detail heart (punched out of tomato paste tube - yet again!!!) 

Oh, I must also give you a quick tip for sticking down lace onto a card. First I use a scrap of paper and spread PVA glue in a strip the same size as the lace. Then I stick the lace onto the glue and lift it up again and it picks up the glue it needs. Then I stick it onto my card. That way you don't get bits of glue everywhere.

OK, paper punches are wonderful for cardmakers, but there is so much more you can do...
...what about making a delicate tea light holder.
It makes really pretty shadows and is a lovely winter d├ęcor idea and could also be used for dressing up a wedding table. You could personalise these with any text you wanted. So soft and delicate. 

I used my edger punch on some vellum and using a strip of double sided tape I stuck it around a straight sided glass jar. I wrote peace on a strip of vellum cut to size and put through my Dymo embossing labeller. I also stuck on the punched out Daisies and I think it looks really lacy. 

Another idea for using your border punch is to make some decorative shelf edging.
I used some pages from my vintage encyclopaedias. I cut strips from a few pages and got rid of all the white edges. Then I joined the strips side by side with some double sided tape and got busy with my edger punch.These punches must be the easiest border punches I have ever used! Virtually effortless!
 I think it looks really effective, don't you? I love the vintage look!

And I have one more idea for using a border  punch and this idea comes from my 5 year old little girl. The punch used here is the stars border from Tonic Studios.

They're purrrrrrfect for making tiny crowns for itty bitty kittys!!!
...So like I said...not just for cardmakers!!!

key ring journals

Four teeny weeny key ring journals to go into my Etsy shop.
They turned out really cute!

Friday 14 October 2011

itty bitty journals

Now that my niece has got her birthday present, I can show you some of the things I made for her. This is a little personalised journal. I used some toile and some vintage lace trim and personalised it with my Dymo again. (See last post)
I also made her a teeny little domino journal with a two and a five on it, because she is now 25!

I also made an itty bitty little key ring journal. ( I had such fun with this one, I'm now making a batch similar to this one for my Etsy shop!)

Do you like the foil flower on the cover? I'll be showing you how to make those soon!

Thursday 13 October 2011

another journal

 Another result of my recent bout of journal making. This one will be going in my etsy shop sometime I think.
 It comes in it's own little slip cover, just like my leather bible.
 It is made from some vintage leather and has multi coloured pages for jotting down or doodling anything that inspires you.
The word INSPIRATION on the cover is made from tomato paste tube, put through my little DYMO labeller. I'm putting all kinds of things through my DYMO at the moment just for fun! I'll show you more of that another post.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

little email address book

This is a little personalised journal I made for a dear friend. She had some problems accessing her email and her contacts list, so once she got back into it I thought this would be a useful gift for her so she could make a paper back up copy of her friends email addresses - just in case.
She was delighted and thought it was a super idea. 
I love being able to make things for people...don't you?

Monday 10 October 2011

coming soon...

Hi there, there is not got much to update with this week it's mid term school holidays right now, but thought I'd let you know what will be coming shortly.

I will be showing you how to make a nice throw using a ready made cheap fleece throw and some fabric.

...and i'll be showing you how to jazz up a  plain guest towel...

I am also working on a cupcake box template for you, so once that is tweaked and perfected, I shall be sharing that...

...and, once I get them photographed, I'll let you see some other little journals I've been working on.

For all those on holiday this coming week, have fun with your family making happy memories :-)