Tuesday 4 May 2010


W.I.P. That's the story of my life in many ways. I am certainly a work in progress - being worked on by God - one stitch at a time. But also, I seem to have so many W.I.P.s going on in my life. My "to do" list just seems to get longer and longer instead of shorter, and much of it is self-inflicted. I often find myself volunteering for tasks because no-one else will do them. Then I begin to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. I am sure this is a common ailment ! I must stop complaining!
So, today I am sharing with you one of my crafting W.I.P.s.
My little girl will be 4 on the 26th of May and I decided it was time I made her a rag doll. Hopefully it will turn out similar to these ones although I realise it doesn't look very exciting at the moment.
(I must just add that many of my delays are also self inflicted - like when I spent about 2 hours trying to find my box of paint brushes to do the face only to find them later on in one of the places I had looked already- by then it was too late in the evening to start painting- as I said - I am a work in progress!)

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  1. Oh, Doda!
    I had to laugh because I had just picked up my To Do list off a table in my basement.
    I read over the list, and thought the same thing you did-
    Last month, I learned to start numbering the list in order of importance.
    What doesn't help is making up new projects!
    I sympathise with you!
    But I think the dolly will be gorgeous!
    Show her off when you are done?


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