Sunday, 23 November 2008


Artoholic was asking what else I'd sewn,
and I found these photos from 2000
when my older daughter was just seven.

These are two rag dolls I made for her.

I had thought back then of making the dolls
as a business, but it took me so much time,
that I decided it wasn't worth it.
Each strand of hair is sewn on individually
so that the hair can be styled and played with.
My daughter used to spend hours
putting clips and bobbles into their hair.
I guess I'll need to make make my littlest girl
her very own dolly some day.
At the moment, she is not much into dolls
so there is no rush!

This doll was her first, it was just named Raggy.

This is Anastasia, and she is a Princess.


  1. Oh, those are beautiful dolls, Doda! Cute picture too!

  2. Hi Doda what great dolls. Your lovely daughter must have really enjoyed them. Great blog. thanks for following mine. I had such a suprise!

    All the best
    I'll be back to visit again soon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog just now! Glad I came to visit you too - those dolls are gorgeous!

  4. You are just so multi-tlaented!

    I know what you're saying about the time consuming bit. If you try and work out an hourly rate for some items for sale you'd just cry.

    At least your daughters will have some beautiful treasures as keepsakes.

    There are some great fabric doll artists in Australia whose work I admire, but it's so fiddly, especilly the fingers and faces. I just don't have the same patience with fabric as I do with paper.

    Wonderful work!

  5. So cute, I *LOVE* those dolls!!
    Thanks AGAIN for your comments in my blog :)


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