Thursday 27 May 2010

Here it is...

I managed to finish rag dolly in time for my little girls birthday! Phew!

She has a LOT of hair! It can be put in plaits or a pony tail, and she has a couple of changes of clothing - I didn't have time to finish more, but more will come.

And here she is, sitting up in her bed. Oh, and remember this chair back - of which I had two?

With the help of some other scrap timber I had lying around, and a pot of white paint, it became this bed for dolly.
It has a foam mattress - upcyled from something I already had, and I made a pillow and a toile quilt for her. I also learnt how to crochet in the last couple of weeks so that I could make a pretty lacy edge to the pillowcase.

As my little girl had told me that ALL she wanted for her birthday were some paper roses, she was quite delighted with her presents. She did get her paper roses too. I'll show you them soon.


  1. Doda, your little blossom's doll and bed are GORGEOUS!!! You have done a wonderful job on both and I bet you just made Mama of the Year (if you weren't already!). I just love them and how fabulous that you learnt to crochet so you could make that gorgeous lace trim!!! Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  2. what an absolutely darling gift! so sweet :)

  3. How I wish that I could turn back time and have my daughters as little girls again.

    You are a fabulous Mum and I wish I had your ability to build such clever and pretty toys!

  4. WOW! That's so pretty! I was wondering what you were going to make with the chair backs. So cool! I am glad she had a great birthday!

  5. A lovely craft - all done with love and patience. Super gift!

  6. oh my goodness, doda......this is SO special!!! i would absolutely love to snuggle up in that little bed, put my head on that lovely pillow, pull that beautiful little quilt over me, and wrap my arms around that sweet, precious little dolly!!! do you think your daughter would mind if i borrowed it for a while...... :)))) xox

  7. Hi there, I came here via Ruthie and love your blog so much already. I'm off to explore more crafts :)

  8. Thank you all for such lovely comments. You made my day!

  9. Doda,
    I meant to come by here a few days ago and tell you how beautiful the dolly is--what gorgeous hair! :)
    And how brilliant you are to make a BED OUT OF CHAIRS!!!
    I learned a new word from you, too--upcycled :)
    You really got into this project for your sweet girl, didn't you?
    What a beautiful tribute to love and creation this post was to me---
    Hugs to you and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to your girl!

  10. Doda, i love this, such a cute rag doll, i remember making one with red hair & one with brown to match each of my girls. I also loove giving things a new purpose & tthe wee bed, is fantastic!

  11. My GOODNESS Doda! I am just speechless how everything turned out! You did such an AMAZING job! Rag Dolly and her gowns turned out adorable - what a beloved doll she will always be! And I just can't get OVER the bed and beautiful linens you made! Absolutely PRECIOUS! :)


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