Wednesday 17 February 2010


Last week was one of those weeks, and I am still catching up, so I still haven't managed to get the tutorial ready yet. We've had mice - and outbreak of lice (the joys of having young children) and we've had punctures and all sorts. I am still trying to catch up with the mountain of washing and ironing that has created, but i thought I would show you a few things I have made that haven't made it to the blog yet.

You probably already know I love black and white, but I also love red and white. The cushion and little quilt cover are my youngest daughters. Her room theme will be red and white once I get around to it. The quilt is make from a vintage cotton sheet and I used a red fabric pen for the design. It was one of those ultra quick spur of the moment kind of projects. The red heart on the cushion, is from a bit of fabric from my favourite skirt when I was a girl. It was actually Laura Ashley furnishing fabric. I wore it as a long skirt when I was about 8 or 9 and then as a teenager it was a not quite so long gypsy skirt. I loved it and have always meant to do something with it. I am sure there are going to be more projects on the way with this. It was just a quick fix with some Bondaweb (Wonder Under).

Here is a close up of the animals. My little girl loves these.

These are some lavender sachets made from linen from a pair of trousers I no longer wear.

OK, I must get on and do some work around here now. Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Hi Sweetie! I think it's all lovely! Your animals are really great, and so are your kitty sachets and the heart pillow too! I hope everything settles down over there soon. I was bogged down for about two months, and I'm now just starting to get a grip! xoxo Paulette

  2. Awww, thanks Paulette, your comment made my day!

  3. Oh I love them all:) I love how you have used a piece of your favourite childhood skirt for the cushion heart, that is so lovely and special for your daughter! Just gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  4. all of your red and white projects are fabulous!! and i'm crazy for your little kitty sachets....and filled with lavender, how wonderful!! such a great way to re-purpose clothes that you're no longer wearing!

    i hope life settles down for you sounds like you've got a lot going on! hang in there, sweet gal!! :))

  5. Dear Doda :)
    I was visiting the blogs of some of my readers... first of all, thank you for following my little blog! And I am completely entranced by your wonderful life! I've had such a lovely time enjoying your blog - in this post, love the fact that you used fabric from your childhood skirt! - and I have always had a huge soft spot in my heart for Scotland, so I can't even tell you how delighted I was to find out that's where you are! Thank you for sharing your talents and your world :)

    P.S. hang in there! :)

  6. Thanks everyone for your nice comments, and good wishes. Guess what! The heating is now broke. The heating engineer can't come until tuesday and we are freeeeeeeeeeezing!

  7. These are wonderful!
    Keep warm, we had a few days without heat - probably not as cold here as there though!

  8. EEEK! What next? Even though it's "cold" and gloomy here in California, I'm sure it's no where near the cold you are experiencing! So I'm sending you some California thoughts continued through Tuesday! :)

  9. I enjoyed your blog,really nice place here,your projects are wonderful =]


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