Friday 5 February 2010

A Handy Hint

To fill a scented sachet, cut the top part off an empty 2 litre plastic drinks bottle. Fold electrical tape or similar over the edges to prevent any cuts. Place a small elastic band (you can just make out a green band in the picture) on the bottle lid before placing in the hole in the fabric that you have left for filling, then pull the elastic over your fabric to hold it in place while you fill.
I just made this hop and lavender scented sachet for my husband. I'm hoping it's scent will soothe him to sleep sweetly tonight! He's had a busy week!


  1. thanks for the great tip!!! and i'm crazy for your new sachet.....and the pillows.....and the black and white theme...... :))))

  2. Precioso corazón !!!
    Te dejo en mi blog

  3. Excellent tip!! Beats the homemade paper funnel I have been using! I will be using this idea from now own - thanks for sharing:) Love your heart, it is gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend - Tina

  4. What a great idea! Your sachet is beautiful! I hope is helped Hubby relax. I love that fabric, and you know I love hearts!!! xoxo

  5. Doda!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog AND for voting for me on Spoonflower...very nice.

    I love your idea for filling sachets! Brilliant!
    And your pillow for your sweet husband - mine has been bugging me to re-fill his little "eye pillow" with fresh lavender. It does make a difference.

    Talk to you again later on...

  6. this is clever, will use it next time, I tried to use funnel, but the neck was too small...! Thanks! :)

  7. ooo lovely!! top tip on the bottle as a funnel i end up in a right mess when i make mine. love the pattern on the fabric too x

  8. Brilliant. I always try to hold a piece of paper like a funnel, which invariable pings apart half way through! Next time I will NOT decorate the floor with lavender!


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