Tuesday 9 February 2010


I made this tiny bunny the other evening while watching the TV. Don't ask me what possessed me to make a bright pink bunny with a blue tail. Who knows! He is approximately two inches from nose to tail.
I am busy working on the jar for February tutorial right now. Also, I am trying to clean this house and locate the mouse which has found his way in somehow. (Any mouse deterrent tips gladly received)
Hopefully next post will be the Tutorial.


  1. What a cute bunny! The blue tail is perfect.
    The only deterrent I know for mice is a cat. Unless you can find every single, teensy crack where they might come in. (Been there!)
    Too bad it's not cute, pink bunnies that find they way into our homes instead of mice. All I have is dust bunnies. :p
    ~alisa R.

  2. I love the colours, and that little carrot is darling. :D

  3. i love this little pink bunny.....and especially the blue tail!! he's perfect! :))))

  4. :-DDD! But he is very cute, and different! But what made you to make the pink rabit with the blue tail? :-) he made my evening, just so sweet!

  5. lovely bunny! someone once told me chilli is a mouse deterrent, so i sprinkled a jar of chilli flakes liberally under my kitchen cupboards!! no mice however we did fill a hole at the same time so that might have been it!!!

  6. Do you have a cat? We have Vincent and the good news is he did catch the mouse. The bad news is I was presented with it at 5 am with him proudly marching around the bed showing off what a good cat he is!

  7. Chilli flakes sound like a good idea. We are not cat people. I'm not keen on any animals around the house. I apologise to pet lovers!

  8. Hey Doda!

    Not keen on any animals around the house except for beautiful pink bunnies! And gorgeous gold owls. They are lovely, so glad you are creating such lovely pieces still.

    It will take me a while to catch up on all your news, stay warm and watch out for your toes with that mouse about the house!


  9. maybe the mouse will be scared of the pink bunny ....

    i do love that bunny and its tail ...

  10. I think your pink bunny with his little blue tail, is just perfect! xoxo


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