Saturday 29 October 2011

Yet another journal

I wanted to show you this latest journal I have made. It was a request from Naomi (older daughter) for a little book to write down her photography ideas and inspirations. She wanted me to use vintage photographs on the cover. 
I wanted to make it more hard wearing than just a paper cover, so I used a technique to transfer a toner print onto fabric. This was my first attempt and so I could possibly have achieved a clearer output if I had worked at it more, but in fact I really like the aged worn look and think it works well for this project. 
I used a good quality sketch paper that will accept most mediums and sewed it together using a hidden long-stitch binding.
Because the paper was thick I made 6 signatures of four sheets each.
The picture in the corner of the above picture was my aunt as a child. She passed away yesterday at age 83. She had dementia and it was sad that she went downhill so quickly.
I liked the way the paper I used for the transfer had an almost vellum quality about it once it was used, so I used it for an inner paper.
I was really pleased with how this little book turned out and so thanks to Naomi for the inspiration, I shall be doing some more with the vintage photos. Watch this space.

On another note, I should be able to get with some sewing projects now as I have just picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop!!! 


  1. Doda this is so amazing. I havent made a journal in a few months now. I have one ready and waiting to have the signatures sewn so I need to get to it. Your daughter will treasure this no doubt. Lee x

  2. This is stunning! I am sure your daughter will delight in using it. You are very talented!

  3. Hi Doda! Thanks so much for your comment. I still love the darling little matchbox mouse and my grand niece absolutely loved it now I will soon show it to Marc and Morgan. It is adorable.

    THis journal is fabulous! Love the toner print on the cloth! Brilliant!!

  4. Doda, you are a PRO at this journals, they look perfectly perfect.

  5. I left a comment but do not see it. I basically said that I think your work is AWESOME! There is so much attention to detail - so professional. And then I said that it is too bad we do not live closer to one another - we would play the day away!!! With much love, Mimi <3

    1. Thankyou. Too kind. I know...we would have a wonderful creative time together xxx


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