Monday 10 October 2011

coming soon...

Hi there, there is not got much to update with this week it's mid term school holidays right now, but thought I'd let you know what will be coming shortly.

I will be showing you how to make a nice throw using a ready made cheap fleece throw and some fabric.

...and i'll be showing you how to jazz up a  plain guest towel...

I am also working on a cupcake box template for you, so once that is tweaked and perfected, I shall be sharing that...

...and, once I get them photographed, I'll let you see some other little journals I've been working on.

For all those on holiday this coming week, have fun with your family making happy memories :-)


  1. it sounds like you've got lots of really fun projects going on! enjoy your school holidays this week! xoxo

  2. Ohhh I cant wait to see the throw. Lee x

  3. All sounds interesting, the last sentence is very wise :). Let the sun shines...


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