Wednesday 19 August 2009

School is back...

...and for most Scottish schoolkids, summer is over. It's back to routine here, and for the last week or so it feels like it has been raining on and off. The moment the sun comes out there are bees,butterflies and hoverflies covering the buddlia bushes. We have decided to plant a buddlia hedge all along one boundary fence next year. You can't have too many of these plants.
On a creative note, I have spent the last two days making up around 50 greetings cards for a friend who kindly took an order for me at her church. So I guess I have actually been doing something crafty at last. The sewing machine has been put up and down and up and down several times this last couple of months with good intention to produce something, but it never really happened. All I made was a tiny muslin privacy curtain for the shower room in our log cabin. Maybe now that life is back to routine, I will be able to get something done around here.
I said, MAYBE!
Oh, and I hit the one stone weight loss mark since I started my healthier lifestyle plan! (Still a long way to go though!)


  1. I've done that thing, too, the dance with the sewing machine.
    Yay for weight loss and crafty things done!

  2. Hi Doda, Can you pop over to my blog and email me your preference and address for the sachet.

  3. schools back & that means back to the grindstone lol. my creativity was definately squashed with summer hols , good for you that you got so much done & yay for the 1 stone mark, im stuck at 2lb off it boo hoo

  4. I love buddlia bushes. We call then "butterfly bushes." They smell heavenly. And they attract so many interesting critters. Have you seen a hummingbird moth?
    PS: You are my hundreth follower. For some reason, that makes me smile!

  5. I love those bushes - they do smell wonderful. Do you live in a log cabin? And tell me, how much is one stone?? I remember visiting England many years ago and stepping on a scale in the hotel room and not having a clue as to what it said! lol

  6. Mary, hi!
    No we don't live in a log cabin, I have one in my garden, it's my studio/place to stick visitors when they come.
    A stone = 14lbs


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