Friday 15 May 2009


Somebody - who shall remain nameless, decided to pick all the tulips from the container outside my kitchen door. She then left them - with their very short stems propped back in the container - probably because she realised that she had done wrong and was trying to cover it up. So I stuck them into this crystal rose bowl. To quote the culprit who was trying to look on the bright side - "They look very pretty though!" - and they do. How could I be cross?

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  1. very pretty and what can you say after the fact? Maybe she was expressing her artistic skills? That's what my dad said when I drew faces in the lattice pattern Laura Ashly wallpaper when I was 5! needless to say my mum was not impressed

  2. ah bless her... at least you got a lovely picture out of it... look at the cute little hand!

  3. How cute little ones can be! I love your artwork...your birdie pins are so sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I'll be back here to visit also! :o) Paulette


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