Thursday 25 September 2008

Birds and Flowers

Here are some of my "little owl" focal beads

waiting to be made into necklaces.

This was an experiment using glass nuggets.

You can see the light through these as I have left a hole at the back.

And this is a beautiful flower in our garden.

It looks quite tropical for the Highlands.
(DH took the pictures)


  1. Oh you HAVE been busy!

    That bird brooch looks like it has one of those intriguing round mirrors in it, like the old Masters used to have i the backgrounds of their paintings.

    The owls are just lovely!

    And as for your tropical flower, it looks just too damn gorgeous to be real! Does it have a scent?

    Keep up the great work,



  2. Ohhhhh! These are so beautiful - wonderful owls and little bird and sunflower. Your blog is a rich treasure trove of delights!! Beautiful:-):-)


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