Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Some older boxes...

These are a couple of watercolours I did
quite a few years ago. I have them hanging
in my bathroom now. I really, really want to
paint some more compartment boxes some time.


  1. Oh, these are so cool! What a fun idea, especially to take some of your favourite knicknacks and paint them like this. I wish I could do stuff like this. They turned out really nice, Doda!

  2. Doda,

    I am LOVING your paintings!They are just too gorgeous!

    I have an addiction to compartment boxes/display cases. I have lots of wooden ones with glass lids. They hold all sorts of treasures, one of our trip to Scotland, when we beachcombed around St Andrews. Would you believe I found a piece of crockery that had my family name and company crest on the back? I was amazed.

    I love all things museum boxed. Dozens of my photos are from the London Natural History Museum. I went wikd over their boxes, let me tell you!

    All OCD compartment Box people unite!

  3. Thanks Rena, and Cindy.

    Cindy, yes, absolutely, maybe we could start a group.
    OCDCBP united.

    ...and that was cool about the bit of pottery...I have quite a few bits of beach glass and pottery!
    Have you included any shards in your pictures?

  4. Hey Doda,

    You can be President and I'll be Deputy!

    Your post and comment got me thinking, then digging through my photos and collections. I've put up a post about it, and linked to this post of yours. Hope you don't mind!

  5. Of course I don't Cindy!!!

  6. What a great idea for box decoration. Very well done. What do you keep inside?

  7. Hi Diane,
    these are actually just pictures of boxes, compartment boxes. They are mounted and framed. I didn't mean they were actually boxes, but yes, that would be a good idea to decorate a box like this to make it look like it was already open and filled with interesting things.

  8. I recently did a variation on this in my watercolour class - just up on my blog.

  9. i love the boxes!! they are so cool. did you draw them? i'm also a poet.

  10. Hi Ukraingirl.
    Yes I did, in pencil first and then watercolour paint.

  11. Beautiful paintings, i love compartment boxes, and painting shells .. *ruthie*

  12. Oh, I just sighed when I saw these wonderful watercolours. There is such gentleness about them and they are filled with the most delightful assortment of objects. Sure hope that you do make more.


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