Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Blog Giveaway time!

And here it is, my blog giveaway.
I'm giving away this little owl necklace.
His name is Otto.
I made the focal bead from polymer clay and
threaded him together with some pretty
cobalt seed beads.
To enter to win Otto, all you need to do
is leave a comment here in the next week.
I'll put your names in a virtual hat
and draw one out next Wednesday.


  1. Well, Otto is a fine looking gent indeed! The cobalt blue beads surrounding him are the perfect complement. Thank you for your generous opportunity.

  2. Ohhh, Otto is so cu†e. He looks incredibly professional. You are one talented gal!

    Thanks for commenting on my new blog, too. :-)

  3. Hi there Doda! What a lovely idea to give away a piece of hand crafted jewellery on your blog. It looks very pretty (I have a thing about owls) you are very clever! Nice to meet you and I shall pop in again and again.
    Leeta(granny grimble)

  4. Otto is so very beautiful - and looks like he has many stories to tell from all his travels:-) You're amazingly talented - I love the things you create! Hope you have a lovely and fun evening, linda xx

  5. Otto is awesome! You are really talented, Doda!

  6. Oooo lovely! Otto is so sweet and what a great name for an owl.

    What a generous thing to do. How exciting!

  7. Who can resist a giveaway!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  8. Otto is adorable (as are his siblings Orwell and Clarissa!)

    Lovely giveaway :)

    digitalmisfit on etsy

  9. So amazing the little fella looks as if he were made of metal! Your detailing is exquisite! Thanks for a wonderful blog giveaway opportunity! ^o^ CM2

  10. It is very cute:D I was very surprised the owl was handmade from polyclay, I thought it was a metal pendant :)

    Very cool!

  11. I love the name of the owl Otto how cute con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. otto is cute! i'd love to have him :) thanks for the generous giveaway and keep up the great work on the blog! :)

  13. Wow, look at that owl, exquisite detailing! I'd love to have given the chance to try and win Otto.

    Thank you for the opportunity. I'm going to put up a giveaway on my blog too this week ;-)

  14. Otto is a fine bird indeed.

    I have a thing for owls. I have a trio of ceramic painted ones my sister gave me about 25 years ago. They sit on my drawing desk supervising or tut tutting my work!

    An owl in the wild is about the only species of bird I haven't managed to capture on film (digital of course!) yet. Fingers crossed that will change.



  15. Please feel free to post your contest at my website :


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