Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bright Butterflies

I thought a bright cheery card was much nicer to look at than a picture of an exceedingly stressed woman in her 40s.

I cannot begin to tell you just how stressed out I am at the moment. Solicitors! Our house buyer's solicitor and ours seem to be having quite a few communication issues at the moment and our house sale is really dragging on much , much longer than is necessary. There is so much to organise and so much to do, but it is all currently on hold until we get things sorted.

Hope to be posting with good news sometime soon.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Card for the day

Using only white card, Tonic, ink and a few jewels, I made this delicately shaded large format card giving me plenty of room to write a heartfelt letter inside.
For more details on the tools used, check out Blog Tonic. 

It's getting closer to the date of our move, but the buyer still hasn't signed the sale documents. Quite stressful really ! So many things to set in place - we could do with it being confirmed!

Hope you have a lovely day !


Thursday, 4 September 2014

A recycled gift box

I had fun making this sturdy little gift box from recycled items I had around the house. I was excitedly waiting for the lovely new Tonic dies to decorate it.

Now... can you have a guess which recycled items I used to make this box? There are two sizes of one  type of item, and for the feet I used another item most people throw away...that's a real tricky one. Here's a clue about the item I used for the feet...

I'm wrapped around these circles, and I clean between the gaps.

I'll let you know that the card I used for the inner rim of the box was from  Amazon book packaging.

All I added were some pretty papers, a few jewels, some Tonic Funky glue and of course, fabulous Tonic Dies.

I wonder if any of you will guess right !

Have a lovely day


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon.

When new Tonic Studios dies arrive, sometimes I sit for a while staring at them and turning them around and looking at them in different ways. That's just what I did when I received my Rococo Round Bauble die...
...and that was when I saw a Hot Air Balloon. Perfect for a Bon Voyage card - so that's what I have made here! 

It's a perfect blue sky up in the Highlands today - perfect for a ride in a Hot Air balloon.

No news on the house situation to report as yet...still waiting...and waiting...

Hope you have sunshine where you are.


Friday, 22 August 2014

A little crafting

I've used one of the fabulous header dies from Tonic Studio's  celebration set to cut the top of this 5x7 card. The Rococo Christmas present die also works wonderfully as a birthday present. The background is embossed with one of Tonic's embossing folders. I just love embossing folders , don't you?

It's been good to get in the craft room and make some cards today. I also finished off a cushion I was making, cleaned out the fridge, and baked a loaf of bread, so all in all, not too bad an achievement day.

Time to make the evening meal now.

Bye for now


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Boxes and boxes.....

Here is the canvas I was working on. The stars are cut with Tonic Studio's  new star ornament dies. I am itching to work on another canvas now!

Our house sale is progressing, but there are still another couple of weeks wait until it's all signed and sealed, so we have to be patient. Waiting is hard though!
In the meantime we've started packing things like books, and our once tidy house now looks like something exploded in it! Now, you may know that I like boxes...
but teeny ones that I have made myself.
It's-a-driving me crazy! But at least I don't need to worry so much about the mess when I am crafting as we are no longer having to show viewers around !

Time to go glue something!
Bye for now


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Just flitting by....

This card uses the new Fanciful Flutter keepsake die from Tonic Studios. Perfect for any occasion. Here I have used some shiny pink cardstock to show off the lovely detail on this diecut. To see more of Tonic's lovely products pop over to Blog Tonic.

We're still waiting on news about our homesale...waiting is hard. We can't start packing our stuff until we get a firm offer, so we carry on as before until such times as we do.

I'm busy working on a canvas at the moment...something different for a wee change. Time to go get painty!

Have a lovely day