Sunday, 4 February 2018

A Fox on a Box

If you know me, then you know that I have a bit of a thing for making and decorating pretty little boxes , often  using antique Natural History illustrations.

I am currently taking an online course to get back to my painting and illustrating and I have long been intending to create my own images to decoupage. So I gave myself a bit of a push and went for it. I created the fox illustrations with watercolour and coloured pencil.

For the body of the box I have used some Sarah Jayne chalk paint which I was sent at the end of last year to try out. This is me getting around to it now ! Too many things on my list!

These are the little project pots, they will keep me going for ages.

It went on smoothly and easily, and I love how there are no nasty fumes.
I used Royal Navy for the outside of the box, which is a gorgeous lapiz lazuli shade.

Inside and underneath I painted the box in Stardust, which I have to say I am really impressed with. It has a highly metallic sheen and I will be using this for more boxes. (This started as one of those little papier mache box blanks that you can buy, and I have added the cute wooden feet.)

On top of the Royal Navy I have splattered Stardust and a small amount of Mercury. The fox is standing on some silver snow which is Nuvo gilding flakes from Tonic Studios.

It turned out quite cute I think. There may be more foxes on boxes in the future. This one is going to be a gift, but I think now I had better make something foxy to go inside of it! An empty box might be a bit of a disappointment.

Have a lovely day.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Oh yeah, I remember now, I have a blog!

Yeah, so, it's been a while since I was here. Sorry about that. It's not that I haven't been busy creating things, just that I tend to use Instagram more nowadays than the blog. However, I think I shall have a shot at getting back into the swing of blogging for a while and see how it goes.
Here is my latest endeavor. I made some cute little labels for a friend's hand knitted garments which she sells through a local craft shop.

I was able to use my Tonic Studios dies for this, it makes for a very cute little tag don't you think?

You can't really tell from the picture, but I have a strange way of doing the printing on my inkjet printer which results in a cool raised printed effect.

Unless you have a top of the range inkjet printer, the inks will run if the label becomes wet. I want to avoid this for labels and make them a bit longer lasting. I do this with embossing powder.

As my printed card is coming out the printer, I sprinkle embossing powder over the inked areas. Because the printer uses pigment ink, the embossing powder sticks to the printing. I then tip off the excess into a big plastic tray I have for the occasion and use my heat gun to heat the embossing powder as you would do normally.

This can be a bit messy and you have to be careful not to trash your printer. But it works for me anyway.

Anyone else do this?

Have a lovely day !

Monday, 22 May 2017

Highland Summer

 May is often a really good month for us in the Highlands. No exception this year. We have had several weeks of beautiful warm dry weather. Hopefully June and July won't be too bad...often the best of summer is right now !

 I was able to make my first ever gate. I am quite pleased with the result. I am working on gate number two just now.

We already have a few strawberries ripening, although this one looks more like a bug or an alien.

I finished painting my Welsh Dresser and I am enjoying using it in the kitchen. I used Everlong Chalk Paint for this.  Now onto the next furniture on my list. Finish upholstering a couple of dining chairs and then paint a bed frame for the spare room. My list is long!

Plus we have been working in the garden slowly developing new flower beds which I am excited about planting up. Too much to do and not enough time!

Plus I entered my first Spoonflower fabric design competition. The remit was Whimsical watercolour insects. I decided on Cobalt blue beetles. I'll be very pleased if I make it into the top 25 fabrics for my first attempt.

Hope you have been having a good May.
Have a lovely day wherever you are.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Watch the Birdy

 We still have much work to do on our new garden, but we have been enjoying the varied bird life we get. This handsome fellow has visited a few times now pecking about at the bottom of the bird feeders.

Isn't he gorgeous!

Goldfinches and greenfinches are a plenty, sometimes the neighbouring tree is all a chirp with birds waiting for a turn on the feeders.
This is a lesser Redpoll. He comes from time to time.
I think the goldfinches are one of my favourites though.
There are signs of spring in the garden too, but being in the Highlands we are a little behind lower regions of the country.
But it is lovely to see things come into bloom.

It makes me feel like painting, but I have so many other things to do ...sigh!

Have a lovely day.

Monday, 3 April 2017

A little plaque

I had fun trying out Tonic Studios lovely letter dies on this plaque. This is the Postal font I have used. It's a really nice set of letters to play with. I have also used the layering hexagon dies to make the background using up some scraps of paper. The buttons are from some past die sets.

Handy hint. Once you have laid out your letters where they are to go, glue them one by one, and do not...I not hold up your plaque halfway through to see how it is looking. (Not that I would do that or anything !!! ) Ha ha !

Have a nice day.

Monday, 27 March 2017

'Shell' Paper butterfly earrings

In my last post here, I showed you my "paper" butterfly brooches which were decorated using Nuvo drops butterfly prints my daughter and I made. I mentioned that the waste did not go to waste as I used a paper punch to use up the scraps. The ones done with Nuvo pearl drops look so like mother of pearl or some other shell I decided to make earrings from them. Each earring is made from 7 layers. The middle layer is cut in half and a thin strip taken out the middle to allow an earring wire to be glued inside.

The ones with the frosted glass blue beads are my favourite ones. I've worn them already.

They look so much like shell you could easily be fooled. I don't think anyone would guess what they are made from.

I had such fun making these, and now I am thinking of what other paper accessories I can make.

I hope this inspires you.
Have  a lovely day.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Paper Butterfly Brooches

Glancing at these brooches you wouldn't have guessed they have been  made from paper would you? Well, thin card to be precise. Here's a little view of the backs so you can see that they are indeed brooches. I have die cut some felt to cover over the brooch pins and make them look neat and nicely finished. Not that I am OCD or anything. ;-)

Each brooch has been made from gluing together 8 die cuts. (using Tonic Studios Rococo butterfly die from their die and stamp set). You'd be amazed at how sturdy a brooch this makes.

Do you like the effect on this one. Very pearly isn't it. It's been made using Nuvo pearl drops.
My 10 year old daughter had the absolutely brilliant idea to make "butterfly prints" with a selection of the Nuvo drops. The effect was so lovely that I knew it would be perfect for paper jewellery.

This one was made using the glitter drops and also the black crystal drops. Once this was dried I applied a glaze of jewel drops to the whole area. Having tested this out on larger areas before I knew that as it is  not designed for large areas it tends to crack and so it produces a wonderful interesting patina for jewellery.

I am considering adding another level to these brooches with some polymer clay words, but I have a few things in progress on my desk just now so that will have to wait until I make space for some clay time.
Here are some of our butterfly prints made with the drops. You can see which ones I chose to use for these brooches. And the scrap around the die cut areas did not go to waste either as I made use of a butterfly punch.

Just wait until you see what I made with a few of these. 
Are you going to give this a try?

Have a lovely day!