Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Time flies

Time flies when you're having fun so they say. Summer holidays have now been and gone. We've been very busy, and the garden has been making progress. I hope to share some of that with you soon. Just dropping by to let you know I have not forgotten Blogland. I hope to be with you again shortly.
Have a wonderful day. (Picture of my younger daughter by my older daughter.)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Win & Tonic June 2016

I have to say I am still feeling a little discombobulated in my new craft room. However, I  am sure that once I have made a few things I will get to grips with where I have stored everything  :-)

So to help get me into the swing,  I have joined in with the team on the Win and Tonic page. 

You can win a lovely Tonic Studios prize here by joining in with this months challenge which is...

(Take your pick from the list below )
Colour - orange (of course!!)
Technique - create your base card from any Tonic die
Product - use any Tonic flower die or punch
Theme - one for the boys / happy Father's Day 

This month's prize is..

I chose to use the colour orange, and theme Father's day. On my card I have used an old photo of my dad playing in a little band that he and some workmates formed. As they were all carpenters and tradesmen, they made their own bandstands. They must have had great fun. I believe they called themselves Miller's Merrymakers. Millers was the firm they worked for at the time.
Here's the picture a bit closer...It's a rather tatty picture, but the only record of it my dad has. My dad is the one seated at the piano.

I used a lovely selection of Tonic Dies to embellish my card. I love the music dies. They are so cool.
 Inside the card it says..."and all that jazz!"

My dad is away his holidays just now, but he doesn't read my blog, so I'm safe to post it here for now ;-)
I hope you'll join in with the Win and Tonic challenge.

Have a lovely day

Friday, 22 April 2016

...and now April is nearly through !

Hello...remember me ? Yes, I know. Not been so good at this blog thing lately. March kind of disappeared as I injured my back and was a bit useless for a couple of weeks or so. Very frustrating as I have so much to do!

I still have not got as far as doing any crafting due to the back injury but hope to get back to it very soon. Here is something I never got around to showing you though. A little needle book I made for my childhood friend Helen.

The cover was made using the Citrasolv transfer technique. I am sure if you do a search you will find plenty on this method.

For the felt pages inside, I used Tonic Studios square layering dies. This meant that every page is identically cut and the serrated edge is a perfect look for a needlebook.

There is a space for a spare button and some thread too.

My next job is to make some curtains for our bedroom as I am getting a bit tired of the bits of cardboard we are currently using.

My polymer clay is calling to me too....can't you hear it? No? Hmm..

Have a lovely Spring day !

Friday, 4 March 2016

And now it is March !

I'm still rather busy trying to sort out the new house, put up curtain poles, build shelving, that sort of thing. It's going to take a while to really get this place ship shape, but at least we are in. 

The grounds are going to take a whole lot more work. We are currently trying to get our builders to come back and rectify some major issues they need to attend to. Very frustrating. 

As I don't have a craft of the day to show you, I am showing you something I made just before we left out rental house. My older daughter is currently studying photography and sometimes needs props to go with her project themes. I was roped in to make a medieval herbal book for her to photograph....such a hardship...not!

I cut up an old leather handbag for the cover. For the pages, I  only  printed on the first four. I used thick cotton watercolour paper. They have all been distressed with strong tea ( no milk or sugar)  and for the edges I used a Tonic Studios distresser tool to age them. 

(See , I still managed to use a bit of Tonic Studios even when making a medieval herbal book ! )

If you are wondering, the book is supposed to be bleeding where it has been shot with the arrow.
It was for a Cadfael Mysteries book cover project. I really enjoyed putting this one together for her.

Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

What happened to January?

They always say that a mess looks worse before it gets better! Hope so ! This is my craft room!

January has been a month of viruses. I had just got over the first one, when I was hit by a second one which was even worse. It's now February and I am still coughing,  I think I possibly might be suffering from yet a third virus..although this one is mostly just a sniffle and a cough. As it has been making it's rounds, this has slowed down our progress somewhat with the house as we have not felt well enough to do things.

However...in the last week with the help of my husband and older daughter, we have finally fitted the shelving in the craft room so that it is now usable. After getting a price for someone to build custom shelving all down one wall, we decided to get 4 shelving units from Argos and pack out the 2cm space between them with wood. It worked out at at least half the price...and it is amazing how well it fills the space. I raised up the base with wood too,  so that I can now place a bit of skirting board at the bottom to make it look custom fitted,  and I will be using moulded trims between the uprights so I'm not finished it yet...but...I have unpacked  my craft boxes. (Only to find I have too much stuff and not enough space)...but I'm working on that.

So, as you can see, I  have a LOT of sorting out to do, I may be in here for some time!  I'll let you see it again when it is a bit tidier..I do hope that's soon!

Have a lovely day.

Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year, New House

We are finally in...it took a while longer and a lot more stress getting here than we had anticipated, but we have been here for 4 weeks now.
This is a view of the back of the house from the field behind. The house is lovely, the usual kind of little things needing attended to, the land is a whole other story. Our builder has left us with water logged sub soil and a variety of different levels that you cannot see from this picture. We are hoping that they will come and rectify at least some of the issues we have. However...I don't want to start of the year full of moans, so I am choosing to be thankful. Rather than going on about all the things still needing done, I will  now list ten things that I really love about our new home and that I am very grateful for....

1. It is bathed in sunlight...when it shines , (this is Scotland)

2. I love the Juliette balcony in our bedroom and the outlook it gives us from our bed.

3. I love the black door handles on our interior doors...(I'll try put up some pictures another post.)

4. I love having a kitchen peninsula unit and the space for preparing and serving food.

5. The showers work really well.

6. I love the dark wood flooring we have chosen for the ground floor. (well...wood effect actually)

7. We have a lovely large fridge freezer...our rental home for the last year had a tiny and poor under counter fridge that you could hardly fit a thing in. It is such a luxury to enjoy such storage now.

8. The air source heating is so easy to control and is doing a good job.

9. I can see sheep in the distance...I missed the countryside.

10. We are so conveniently situated for popping out to shops etc.

I am thankful!

So...there won't be much in the way of crafting happening at the moment. I am still waiting for shelving to be installed in my craftroom so I can unpack the large stack of boxes. I look forward to that very much.

Time for me to go put up some hooks. Now ...to find the spirit level...I know it is somewhere in the garage....among the boxes!!! Fun, fun, fun!

Have a lovely day

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Getting closer

We are currently waiting on completion of the garage for our new home. We need this to be in place before they install the Air Source Heat system. We now have an alleged handover date for the 7th of December. This is the garage at the end of daylight today. Still needing harling on the outside. Removal van is booked, carpets are booked, washing machine is now booked. We'll see what happens. Watch this space...