Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Two little monkeys

Here is my little squishy monkey with the sock monkey
I made for her. His legs and tail turned out a bit long
but never mind! It just makes it more fun to swing around!
He is just called Sock Monkey!
However, Geninne has more imagination than me
and is asking for suggestions for names for her sock monkey
on her blog. Why not join in !


  1. I have enjoyed your blog too - I think it's time I made a sock monkey. This one is great with such long legs.

  2. That's fabulous (as usual!) Doda. I would be crying about cutting up the socks though -they'd look so wonderful pulled up the knees!

    Your squishy monkey is such a sweetie as well. Cheeky monkey grins all round.

    I really like Geninne's blog also. I was lucky enough to buy one of her Little Book of Birds when she made them a few weeks back. She's such an inspiration.

    I used to sew rainbow star cushions, furry things of all shapes, and eye poppping hot red chilli cushions. Mind you, I used to spend a lot of my time unpicking mistakes and muttering under my breath.

    So what else have you sewn??



  3. I love the monkey, those long legs...and the colors.


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