Monday, 17 November 2008

One box too far?

There's always a danger when you go with the creative flow,
that you might disappear off on some tangent or other.
That's what happened when I thought I'd create
a few new gift boxes to go with my jewellery,
ready for the gift giving season.

Little suitcase matchboxes.
I have used some scraps of leather for handles.
I even made some tiny travel labels.
The larger box is just the right size for ACEOs.
The smaller ones are ideal for small jewellery items.

The biggest matchbox here is standard small matchbox
size and the other two fit inside like Russian dolls.

First I designed myself some new printable templates,
and then one thing led to another, and now some of the
boxes have become almost as fancy as some of the things
that go in them. So now I am trying to decide what I
shall do with them. Should I sell them separately?
I even started trying to think up new things
to put into some of my boxes.
Like this handmade game of tic,tac, toe.

(I upcycled a bit of leather from a broken
vintage chair for the game board.)

These boxes have taken over at the moment.
The family think I have gone a little box crazy.
PS> Look out for my blog giveaway in the next week or so.


  1. Ooh, Doda - I love your little matchboxes, they are really lovely. I bet it's pretty breezy up there in the Highlands, isn't it? It's been a lovely weekend in Kirkcudbright, but today is bleak and dreecht!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Best Wishes,

  2. Exquisite little boxes, will make whatever goes into them twice as precious:)

  3. Lovely boxes! Nice to see your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine. I am so pleased you like my work. Please come again!

  4. Oh! Oh! OH!!

    They are F U N K Y !!!! Those suitcase ones are fabulous!

    And I'm really liking the glass nugget Noughts & Crosses.

    Clever Chicken!

  5. Hi, Doda~

    Thanks for following my blog, which is how I found yours.

    I've given sets of these tic tac toe as gifts. Aren't they great? I also use them as mini paper weights and as word embellishments.

    Wonderful art--lovely blog! Boxes, matchboxes--great! I'll be back.

  6. I *love* the tic tac toe box. What a sweet little gift for someone that would make! (Clearly, I'm channeling Yoda in my speech there. lol)

  7. you could always offer two for one! and then sell some boxes separately, so it really looks like you're getting two gifts. And you are! Don't think it would be too confusing... Are you following me? LOL

  8. I think so storybeader! Thanks for the suggestion!


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