Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Morning!

The bed frame broke - it can't be fixed
The TV wouldn't work.
The toddler's bored and grumpy,
and I feel like such a berk.
Sometimes these little happenings,
start to drizzle on my day.
So I stop and count my blessings

then that rain cloud goes away!


  1. Yes, funny how counting your blessings can put everything into perspective, no? Ha! A 'gratitude journal' works wonders also!
    Just wanted to drop by to thank you for following my blog! :) I am lazy about posting though!

  2. (((((HUGS)))))

    Hope your morning got better.

  3. Hi thanks!

    Yes, Rena, it did once I sat down and gave myself a good talking to!

  4. Popping by to say hello, i love your blog, such beautiful creations you make. counting blessings - i try to remember this always, if fact it was this that inspired the very nameof my own blog. hope your week was full of blessings *ruthie*

  5. Thanks for dropping by Ruthie!
    I'm going to pop over and visit you now!

  6. Hi Doda,

    I'm back! I almost feel human againa after all the traumas of End Of Uni Semester.

    You have some beautiful images in your posts. I'll watch that video of the Children's books as well. I've been a keen collector of original children's books illustrations - it's an addiction of mine.

    Cheer up - at least you've no pythons down the bottom of the garden!

    Warm regards,



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