Friday, 7 November 2008


Whenever I cook, it always involves a fair amount
of estimation and guesswork, so when I am
asked for a recipe, I'm always a bit vague.

So from henceforth, my concoctions shall be known as

Potato Soup/ Pasta Guessipe.

The basic guessipe for the soup, was a few potatoes,
a bunch of carrots and some onions cooked in some vegetable stock.
These were the only vegetables I used for the soup as this is
what we have available in the garden at the moment.
I then added some soy milk and a little flour to thicken.
(I'm not a vegan, just trying to increase our soy intake.)
You can add salt and pepper according to your taste.
On the second night, I added some cooked pasta,
a tin of beans and some peas.
Both versions went down very well.

I often do the pasta fling with soup on the second night
if there isn't quite enough left for a meal.

(Pasta version shown here served with homemade wholemeal and oatmeal bread.)

Hope this inspires some cooking!


  1. Guessipes! That's my kind of cooking too (when I can be bothered, that is)!

    I found your blog via Weechuff and I love it and the things you make. I've never heard of some of the materials you use. Shrinking plastic? Where can I get some, it sounds awesome? I mean, could I make stuff big, which would suit my bad eyesight, and then it would shrink to, say, bead size?

  2. Oh, this sounds and looks good! I've been making potato soup in my crock-pot a lot these days. I've discovered it's one thing everyone likes. Rick keeps buying these big bags of potatoes too, so I don't know what else to do with them.

    That bread sounds wonderful!

  3. Hi Black cat - yes, shrink plastic - does what it says - it shrinks. Look it up on ebay, there is one seller raysflorist who is selling some at a good price.
    Have fun!

    Rena - bread is easy once you get a bread machine - I love my bread machine!

  4. Yeah, we love our bread machine. With the cost of food increasing 7% this next year, we might be using ours a lot more.


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