Thursday 18 February 2016

What happened to January?

They always say that a mess looks worse before it gets better! Hope so ! This is my craft room!

January has been a month of viruses. I had just got over the first one, when I was hit by a second one which was even worse. It's now February and I am still coughing,  I think I possibly might be suffering from yet a third virus..although this one is mostly just a sniffle and a cough. As it has been making it's rounds, this has slowed down our progress somewhat with the house as we have not felt well enough to do things. the last week with the help of my husband and older daughter, we have finally fitted the shelving in the craft room so that it is now usable. After getting a price for someone to build custom shelving all down one wall, we decided to get 4 shelving units from Argos and pack out the 2cm space between them with wood. It worked out at at least half the price...and it is amazing how well it fills the space. I raised up the base with wood too,  so that I can now place a bit of skirting board at the bottom to make it look custom fitted,  and I will be using moulded trims between the uprights so I'm not finished it yet...but...I have unpacked  my craft boxes. (Only to find I have too much stuff and not enough space)...but I'm working on that.

So, as you can see, I  have a LOT of sorting out to do, I may be in here for some time!  I'll let you see it again when it is a bit tidier..I do hope that's soon!

Have a lovely day.

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  1. This is how my craft room is most of the time!!!. Only joking, your Argos units sound brilliant. Hope you finally get free of your viruses x


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