Thursday 22 October 2015

Home Sweet Home

I have used Tonic Studios Copper gilding flakes to transform this little frame. My mum and dad won this in a weekly raffle at their lunch club and were about to stick it into the charity shop, so I took it off their hands. Here is what it looked like before....

As I had been looking for a wee frame to try the gilding flakes on, this was perfect as it wasn't too big. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. It has an almost antique patina to it. I changed the inside too as you can see...I'll give it back to them now, although they may still want to put it in the charity shop, at least I know that the gilding flakes work great on a frame now. 

And talking of "home sweet home". We were supposed to be moving into our new home right now, but they are behind schedule. We are now due to move in at the end of November/beginning December. We have already packed quite a few boxes, so at least that will give us time to get really organised. You should see the state of my craft room! Boxes everywhere!

Here is our new home...the scaffolding is finally down. Now the garage needs to be built. The foundations went in for it a couple of days ago. 

Time to go out to get new welly boots for my daughter! This is the second week of school holidays here, so we have been pretty busy. Back to routine next week. 

Bye for now

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