Thursday 31 July 2014

Hello !

Wax battery operated candle decorated with dies from one of Tonic Studios latest range. - Rococo dies.
I realise I have been missing in action from my blog lately...sorry about that!
Life has been even more ridiculously busy than usual. This last few weeks in particular. One thing that has been happening here is that after several years of trying to sell out home, we were suddenly inundated with viewers. This of course meant lots of trying to keep the place looking immaculate...not easy when you are a crafter ! The result of all these viewers? Well, I don't want to count my chickens as yet, and so let's just say I am more hopeful than ever that we will sell our home. But I won't get excited until the fat lady sings...and boy...will I sing!

Home decor frame featuring Rococo heart die from Tonic Studios
So, in the meantime, we have things to sort surveyors, and such. Plus when you have a lively 8 year old on school holidays, that's enough to keep you busy.

Then my older daughter is moving away in further her photography studies. I can't even bring myself to think about that too much at the moment!

a little plaque featuring the Rococo umbrella die from Tonic
On top of that my son has now moved far I say, there has been much happening lately.

I will try and catch up with my craft posts...I know I've missed a few!

Thanks for reading!
Have a lovely day


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