Tuesday 28 February 2012

Frogs and roses

Spring is in the air. Outside our bedroom window at night can be heard the soft croak, croak, croak of some busy little frogs
 They are a bit shy, but Naomi my oldest daughter managed to catch a few of them on camera earlier this morning.
 As a result of their activity, we now have quite a bit of frog spawn in the pond.
What usually happens now is we get a cold spell and it all freezes!
On a completely different topic, just look at these beautiful roses I was sent as a thankyou for doing some wedding invitations for a friend.
 They are absolutely gorgeous. Just look at that amazing spiral !
 (Captured on camera by Naomi.)


  1. Those roses are truly beautiful! Great photos - well done Naomi ;-)

  2. Fabulous photos capturing the detail. The rose looks so realistic I can almost smell it! Ruth x

  3. I hope you do not mind I had to copy the picture of the rose. I would like to draw it. If you object I will delete it. Its wonderful and I love that you noticed its perfection. So many people miss the simple beauty and symmetry in nature. Anyway its lovely.


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