Tuesday 22 December 2009

Snow snow snow

There has been quite a bit of snow here the last couple of days. The kids have had a happy time making igloos and snowmen. My husband had a snow day from school, but had to go back in today, (after digging the car out!) The main roads seem fine now, but we were kind of hoping that we would be snowed in for a few days!
It's the best snow we've seen here for some time. It might not seem much if you live somewhere a little colder, but we're impressed.

One of the things I love about this time of year is when we start candlemaking again.
It's my husband's craft really, but he very graciously lets me play too. He made the blue candle and I hand dipped the pillars. These are for a friend, but we will get around to selling some once we get going again. (For me, part of the fun is packaging them!)


  1. I am so jealous!! I want snow!!

    Lovely candles, they are wrapped pretty too.

    Great clock too!

    Have a joyful Christmas!

  2. your snow looks beautiful (and a little cold!!!)!! and i love your candles.....what a fun project for you and your husband!! enjoy your holidays, doda!!

  3. we rarely have this much snow either...and we do right now also!! i took a picture of my patio table that looks so similar to the one above. so funny.

    those candles are stunning! what a lovely gift.

  4. lol we quite hoped we would get snowed in too, nearly !! i do love the candles, mr o just got given a lots of candle making stuff and i am all set to have a first go at making them over the holidays, exciting stuff, though im a bit hesitant at knowing quite whah to do as about heating the wax etc, shall have to do lots of reading up first. Hope you and yours have a wonderful christmas x

  5. Enjoy your snow! We're getting more this week, I believe. Beautiful candles also!

  6. I too wanted some snow but as we were travelling when it fell, it wasn't fun at all. Maybe it will come back later.
    I love your candles too, they would make a great present for a friend.


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