Sunday 9 November 2008

Picture Book

I caught this programme on BBC4 the other night.

Not sure if you'll be able to see if you are not in the UK,

but if you can get to watch it, it was a fascinating

insight into the growth of picture books in the UK.

Here's the link


  1. Hi Doda,

    Just a quickie to say thank you for visiting my blog and to congratulate you on your publication successes with your poetry. Not sure if you know but I'm from Cornwall originally, moved to Australia in 1976. I still have family there. Would love to break into the UK market - was very close with Tony Bradman's collection but didn't quite make it!!

    Oops this has morphed into a not so quickie - so better sing off.



  2. I wasn't able to view the video, but let me say, I really like your blog. The picture of the first snow really stole my heart! It's just beautiful! You really captured a moment there. I will be back to see more of your creative wanderings.
    My Best,

  3. Hi Jackie - thanks.Maybe we'll find ourselves in the same book one day!

    Thanks Vanessa - see you next time you drop by!

  4. Hello. Thank you for diggin my blog. I look forward to reading your blog and your poetry which I am always impressed with. Where about in the Highlands are you?
    It's pretty dry here in Paisley today which makes a nice change.
    here's to the future of happy bloggin!
    Love L X


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