Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pillow talk

Way back in this post,
I showed you my fabric panels.
After quite a number of years, (about 8) I finally
got around to making cushions with them.
(I still intend to make tassels for the corners)
But look what happened when I left them alone !

This little baby one is actually a bean bag/juggle sack
-whatever you like to call it. It has some lavender
added, so that when it is thrown about,
a sweet aroma fills the room.
There are more babies on the way.
I have a few scraps of the striped ticking fabric left.
I just love the look of this fabric,
and I don't want to waste ANY of it.
I think they might just turn out to be
lavender sachets. Perfect for slipping into a pillow.

...and talking of pillows, please set me straight...
in the UK, a pillow is the rectangular thing you sleep on,
a cushion is the square one, that goes on a chair
or sofa, or in this case also a bed!
What do you call them in the US?


  1. we call them the same as you here in Canada. They are wonderful!

  2. Same down here in Oz.

    More goreous stuff as usual.

    I have a thing for light houses as well as owls. And shells, dragonflies and mermaids.

  3. They are all pillows to us here in the Southern US. We often refer to your "cushions" as "throw pillows." I guess the idea is that you throw them on the sofa, chair, whatever.

  4. Oh, and the pillows are incredible!

  5. Thanks Cindy.

    And thanks Katy for your pillow explanation!!

  6. They are really cute.

    For the melted crayon things: I only had one area get stained - it was one that I put a really greasy dark purple crayon in, though. All the others left no mark, so I don't know if that crayon was made of something different. I later read that it's best not to mix different brands of crayons, but I know I did - maybe I just had beginners luck? 250 Fahrenheit is gas mark 1/2 (half) - or 120 celcius. I hope that helps.


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