Thursday, 5 February 2009

I've been tagged - here goes....

I have just been tagged by Gifts of Creation.

This is the 4th picture in my
4th picture folder on my computer.
It was taken about a month ago when
we were out for a walk at a local park.

I am now supposed to tag 4 people to also
post their 4th picture from their 4th picture folder.

so....hmmmm...who shall I pick on ?....
OK...I tag....

Alys Paterson


Kathryn Estelle

Lil Kim


  1. Thanks for the tag Doda! Of course I will play :)

  2. Doda, it is so lovely to meet you! You are a very gifted artist! I will be glad to play along, but I will have to fudge a bit due to the way I have my photos organized. Have a blessed day!


  3. Wow! That is a beautiful photo! Very relaxing. great place to be...

  4. I've nominated you for an art blog award over on my blog. Check it out!


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