Saturday, 14 February 2009

Just made...

...this bag from this pattern.
Seen here modelled by older daughter.
Younger daughter in background
eating a biscuit and watching 64 Zoo Lane.

Here is a close up of the owl

He has silly dangly beady feet!


  1. Cute! I love the spotty owl :)

  2. That's a cute bag I could see many a mum and younger daughter having a scrum to wear it first each day:D
    I'm going to try my hand at felt apples today as my 7yr old asked me to have a go!!

  3. Love the bag! Your girls are both so cute too.

  4. Adorable bag! Thanks for sharing the pattern link.

  5. Gorgeous bag. Gorgeous girls. Gorgeous couch - you know I saw that couch 3 seperate times today? Once on UK TV "Escape to the Country", twice in a photo of good girlfriend's lounge room (she's had it for a few years now), and thirdly here on your blog. Good taste gets around!

    I do love owls. Yours have such personality.

  6. i just love this bag -- the fabric, the owl design, the beaded feet, just everything!!

  7. I had a go at the bag this afternoon what a great tutorial it was so easy to follow I was chuffed to bits with my bag! Great find well done you


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