Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I have to admit, I did rush this a bit.
But it turned out not too bad.
If I did it again I'd change a few things,
but I don't think I'll redo it. I'm too lazy.
I hope she likes it.
I think if I mounted it and put it in a bigger
frame it might look better,
but I don't have a bigger frame right now.
(Do I sound a bit insecure - that's because I am!)
My toddler has now commisioned me to
paint her a picture. So I guess that
is next on my list. I wonder how much she
is going to pay me for it. A BIG hug, I hope.


  1. I love this drawing, sea, boat, fish, dog, bird and bear, lovely.

  2. Cute drawing and great painting!! I love it. I tagged you on my blog...check out my latest post..

  3. it's great i love the colour pallet you used, and the polka dot sail ..... it's very nice i'm sure it'll be well loved!

  4. This is gorgeous, I'd love to see more of your watercolours! Your header is my favourite of all, it's so great!


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