Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Another glittery card

This is my parents anniversary card...lots of glitter ! I'm putting together another little mdf unit at the moment, so no glitter today just glue, paint and paper!

 My dilemma of the day is which shade of white to go with for painting the whole interior of our new house. It seems early on to pick a colour seeing as we haven't even broken ground yet, but we want to get everything priced, so I have decided ...I go with Dulux Egyptian cotton, which has nice soft grey tones but will look slightly different in different lighting.
Hope you have a lovely day

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  1. hi Doda, i love the card im sure they will be very pleased to recieve it and proud of their daughter, home made cards always mean more. i do like the dulux colour its a good choice as its not stark white which tents to look clinical n magnolia is a colour i hate even though many people like it. my previous house was very bright with pinks,greens,yellows n blues! but this 1 im going to calm it cos when u put pictures or art work on the wall it can be lost.
    jane xxxx


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