Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Glittery Post

Tonic Studios are just about to release their latest line....glitter and crystal drops! I've been having a lovely glittery time here in my craft studio experimenting with Tonic's new range of Nuvo Glitters. This necklace was made by gluing together 8 layers of card, the top layer is coated with glitter. You'd be surprised at just how rigid and strong card can be for jewellery making. I've topped mine with a layer of UVA cured resin, but you could just as easily use a 2 part epoxy resin, or even a dimensional glaze like Diamond glaze to finish off your piece.

To place the wire through the centre of the pendant, I cut the two central butterflies in half and then cut a thin sliver of card away so that when they were glued down, they created a channel for the wire. I place the wire in position before gluing the rest of the card sandwich down. I find Tonic's tacky glue is excellent for this job,
I also decorated a box...because...well, I love little boxes!
I used Tonic's new Nuvo Crystal Drops to add another pretty detail on the box.

The strip of glitter around the box was added using double sided sticky tape. The glitter sticks to it pretty well.

The top of the box was sealed with several layers of a gloss lacquer but in retrospect, I think it would have been good to use a resin too as I think the lacquer dulled the glitter a little. Do you like the way the glitter dragonfly is inlaid into the black glitter? I'll let you know how to do that in another glittery post soon. 

Well, I must get many things to cover with glitter ;-)


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