Tuesday, 17 April 2012

back to routine

It's been a fun and busy couple of weeks. The weather has fluctuated between delightfully warm and extremely cold.

One day we had a power cut all day- and that of course would be the day we had the snow. After an initial play in the snow, we all sat huddled by the log fire listening to crackly music on the wind up gramophone.

Veggieburgers were cooked in a frying pan over the fire and we later toasted some pancakes using my granny's old brass toasting fork. By the end of the day we were a little stir crazy I can tell you!

However, it is back to routine now. School is back today and I am enjoying the peace despite missing everyone, so I have just been at my desk making a card for a friend. Sometimes a simple design works best. I've used my Tonic Studios mini butterfly punch, and also their corner rounder for this card.


  1. Very clever card! You're so right, sometimes less is more ;) So nice to get the family all back to where they "belong" again isn't it? Enjoy your week!
    Helen x

  2. Beautiful card!

    And your snow day sounds cozy! How'd you like to go 21 days w/out electricity? Ice storm did that to us 3 yrs. ago. So thankful yours was short-lived! Looks like you all handled it quite well!


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