Thursday, 4 June 2009

It's raining...

It's raining today. Shouldn't complain really - it's been so beautiful lately. This rain is also God's gift to us - and it does save us watering all the pots :-)
I am trying to perfect a low fat or fat free carrot cake recipe at the moment. I was into baking cupcakes, but by the time I had lathered on the butter frosting, they weren't exactly a healthy treat. So I am making individual carrot cakes - or I guess you could call them muffins. Once I have the recipe sorted, I'll share with you. At the moment it is more of a guessipe.
I used these handy reusable silicone muffin cases to bake them in. You can get an amazing selection of silicone cake moulds nowadays, and they are so easy to use. Give them a try if you haven't already. I made some frosting using quark virtually fat free cheese and icing sugar, and then Naomi made some little marzipan carrots for me.

They were really yummy!


  1. What wonderful the detail of the little carrot on top.

  2. Hi Doda, dropping by to let you know I moved my blog over to my new website. I hope you come over and take a look at all my work, the blog is here: it's on the site, I'd love to have you sign up as a follower again!

    I'm still waiting to come over to England...Gary's looking for a new job, very hard nowadays!
    take care, ps. I love the photos of the blue and white china.


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