Tuesday, 23 June 2009

It's a first

OK, it might not be very exciting for you, but my "Little Miss Three" had her first ever ice cream cone on Saturday. I have to say she managed immaculately. In this second photo you can see her holding her hair out the way lest she mess it. She ate the whole cone and didn't spill a drop!
What a star.

I'm afraid there has not been much crafting or painting going on at the moment, but hopefully I'll be able to find time to do some soon. There has been too many other things vying for my attention.


  1. Sam (aged 1) tasted ice cream for the first time this week. His OTHER grandad gave him some. (Naughty!) The first two slurps... very cold. But he kept coming back for more.

  2. Sam sounds cute. And SURE - it's always the OTHER grandad that did it!
    We tried Gabsy with a lick or two of ice cream when she was younger, and she pulled these incredible faces because it was too cold. She was not impressed. I wish I had captured the faces, they were priceless!


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