Friday, 5 June 2009

Birthday cakes

My 3 year old and my 18 year old share the same birthday - how funny is that?
This year we celebrated my sons birthday a few days early, so my little girl got her birthday more or less to herself. This was my effort at a cake this year. Just a few days before we had upwards of 20 people to the house, so I was a bit tired out when it came to cake making.
My little girl is happy on her birthday as long as she has two things - a cake, and a crown. She is not bothered about presents at this stage, the crown is more important!
The cake had the letter G on it. Nothing very fancy. To think of all the character cakes I used to make for my older two. (I'll need to dig out some old photos and show you sometime). I just don't seem to have the energy for all that right now!
Naomi made my son's cake a few days beforehand ( a much more refined effort than mine). He did not want to celebrate his 18th birthday the way some teenagers do - by going out and getting drunk. He wanted to celebrate by doing something significant, and he chose to get baptised for his 18th birthday to make a declaration of his faith in Jesus.
There were a couple of other people who got baptised that day, (at the local swimming pool). We had a great time back at the house afterwards with food and friends. It was a really special day.


  1. i just love birthdays!! your cake looks fit to be eaten by one wearing a crown :) and how lovely that your son chose to make such a significant commitment on his birthday.
    %*_*% rosey

  2. what a sweetie pie! how lovely that she wants cake & crowns, arent wee ones cute. the cake looks fab! I felt the same when it came to making cakes for my youngest, i seemed to have run out of steam for lots of the things i did for the older ones! oops.

  3. Happy Birthday to The Oldest and Youngest of Doda's brood, hehehe... the fact that you even made the birthday cake is a pretty impressive. Where I am, most parents just go down to the bakery and order a cake.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

  5. Adorable pictures and great looking cakes! And a big CONGRATULATIONS on your son's baptism. That's awesome!

  6. Now, I humbly say, your cake looks VERY GOOD! And I am sure it tastes nicer than bought ones!
    I so like baptisms, we have had few in our meeting since we moved over, they are always very joyful and happy occassions! It is very touching to watch the young ones how they publicly confess their faith in The Lord. Congratulations!

  7. Happy Birthday to both your son and daughter.

    Wow!! Tell you son double congrats. Celebrating another year, and celebrating his public declaration of his hearts desire.

    Both cakes are beautiful, love the colorful candles!!

    Blessings to you all!!

  8. every little girl deserves a crown on her birthday. heck, i want a crown this year and i'll be 57. hee hee she sure is a cutie!!


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