Tuesday, 2 December 2008

on a cold and frosty afternoon...

My husband took these pictures last Saturday afternoon.
Such beauty everywhere.
Even thought the flowers are gone,
the seedheads remain, and they look stunning.
And today, it is snowing again, and
somebody is desperate to go outside!


  1. Oh! Snow and frost and ice! Send some down my way - we're melting in the tropics!

    Beautiful photos - congratulate both photographer and subject!

  2. lovely shots and what a cutie.

  3. Amazing photos and an adorable little sweetie!

  4. Doda, tell your husband his photos are superb! I love catching the very first frost when it comes, I grab my camera and run outside before it melts away. When I teach nature sketching I tell students that some of the best things to draw are in winter, with the seed heads and their forms.

    Please send me an email, I'd like to talk with you more, I will be returning to England soon and we have lots in common, it'd be fun to write.

  5. Doda... what beautiful photos... it is snowing here today... the ground is covered and it's so peaceful!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and letting me know you were there. God is good for sure... in every way!

    I LOVE your felt owls... fabulous! I have bookmarked your blog and will be back to visit again.

    Christmas blessings to you...


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