Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Little Hoots

These little guys and gals will be in my Etsy shop soon.
They are my Little Hoots character owl brooches.
They are only about 2 inches tall.
Each one has a unique personality.

This is Blossom and Romeo.
Blossom likes poetry and pretty things.
Romeo - well he's a bit of a ladies owl!

Pearl and Oswald
Pearl's a singer- she likes a bit of JAzZ!
Oswald likes nothing better than a good read.
(His book has real pages from a vintage encyclopedia)

And this... is Claude.[sold] (He's an eccentric artist.)

and they all come in little handmade boxes.


  1. these are the cutest thing! with the best name!


  2. Love the name,Little Hoots.LOL,I think I love Oswald. Hes a cutie.

  3. so charming lovable cute owls!

  4. These Little Hoots are so cute! Isn't it GREAT that our kids know so much about the electronic world and can save us when we need it. Mine do the same for me. Check out my giveaway on my blog for my 100th post. Take care.

  5. Oh! I love Claude! They're wonderful!

  6. Oh, my goodness...those little guys are absolutely adorable! You are so talented!
    Elizabeth @ Rubys

  7. hehee! Very nice little things ;)

  8. These little jewels are just a "hoot". Love the different personalities.

  9. wow..are you really doing this stuffs? pergghh!~ fantastic.. i want that his rose..hehe

  10. Thankyou for all those lovely comments. You made my day!

  11. lovely I love claude, please tell me you didn't make those boxes too? I'd be impressed to say the least. I love coming up with names for our creations, Little hoots is fabx

  12. Thanks nimblejacks.
    I did actually make the boxes.
    If you go back to older posts, you'll find one where I was going a bit box crazy!

  13. These are SO cute! Owls are so popular right now! I love how they all have their own personality :)

  14. Hi Doda,

    Claude is gorgeous. My mothers family name is Claude so I am having a little laugh. They are all sooo cute. You are so clever. Yes Claude would fit nicely into my creative menagerie here on the farm.

    Merry Christmas Doda
    Best Wishes

  15. too stinkin cute! and the darling boxes too! you're so talented. thanks for stopping by my blog to lead me to yours : ) I've already bookmarked you and will be back. Merry Christmas to you.

  16. Those are absolutely adorable!
    My heart melts for the little artist one....

    Maria-Thérèse /

  17. Lovely, especially like Claude!

  18. i never saw anything so adorable in my life!!

  19. Oh, I wish Claude wasn't already sold! Being a nightowl myself, well, we'd be a perfect match!


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