Thursday, 11 December 2008

Morning light and munchkins.

This was around 8:30am
That is frost not snow.
It's the view from my kitchen window.
I wish I could capture how beautiful it was.
The photo isn't as good as the real thing.

My mum made a little pullover for my munchkin.
I sewed a little felt cat on it this morning.
Gabsy chose the colour.


  1. Love the view, and your little girl is a cutie.

  2. Great pictures! What a cute little girl you have, Doda!

  3. thanks Pease Porridge and Rena!

  4. Gosh, all 3 of them need a cuddle immediately!

    Wonderful stuff!

    Frost - what I wouldn't give for a dose of frost to cool down this tropical heat - air con on all through the night last night....

  5. ha ha my Leo has a black and white just just the same only he wanted to tpae up one eye as our real cat has only one eye ahhh..


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