Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Ben saves the day!

Ben the superhero!
Brother and sister posing like crazy - real crazy!

Last Friday I went to turn on the computer
and before my eyes was one of those
horrible messages. Horrible!
"windows cannot start."
I flapped about for a bit, trying a Windows installation disk,
and various other things, only to get the message.
There is no hard drive installed on this computer!
Oh No! What to do????
So I called my wonderfully smart 17 year old, Ben.
He said, it might not be as bad as it sounds.
All I could think about was all the hours of work put
into all my box templates and card designs,
none of which I had backed up recently.
...Anyhoo, to cut a long story short...
Dear Ben managed to access the faulty hard drive using Linux,
and he backed up all my precious files. He then installed a 'new'
hard-drive which he had got at the local dump.
After that, he installed Windows and all my other files,
and we are now back in business.
I'm so glad that Ben is such a whizz on the PC!
Thank you Ben, you are wonderful!


  1. You two are adorable! I know that sinking feeling well, when it seems all is lost on your computer! I always call my sons to rescue me!
    I love your blog Doda, I also love to do poems for kids, someday I want to illustrate them and do a small book. I wrote a story for kids recently that I need to work on illustrating.

  2. Hi dod,

    OH NO! BSOD you don't need. thank goodness for Ben Yay!!! Linux is really good. I hate it when that happens. Files held to ransom and you have loads of work to do. I have an external 500gb hard drive and everything is kept on there and on disc as well.

    Love the Turtle gorgeous I think the fishies are syaing no thank you and get some glasses LOL.

    The pullover is lovely. the little pussy cat is so sweet. I have to now finish a baby shawl I started. A close friend of mind is expecting her first baby. Neat.

    Take care and a big hug to you Doda

  3. isn't it amazing how much we've come to depend on our computers? congratulations to ben for saving the day!

  4. Oh, that's awesome, Doda! Is that you with Ben in the picture? I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you before. So glad your brother could fix it. My daughter's PC is at a shop and they've removed over 100 viruses so far. She has no idea where they're coming from -- eeek.

  5. The kids are DARLING---and ben, can you come over to my house--my computer has a virus downloaded from facebook!! Ugh!!

    Thanks goodness for those PC geniuses!!

  6. Rena - I wish! That is my 15 year old daughter! Oh to be that slim, and that young, and that gorgeous!!
    In my dreams! There is a small picture of me at my website. That's all anyones getting to see for now :-))

    Martha, I'm sure if you were willing to pay the flights, he'd be on the next plane! :-))

    And thank you all, for the nice comments!

  7. Oh sorry, but you're just as beautiful as your daughter! I went back and realized I read your post wrong. I thought you said you called in your 17-year-old brother to help fix your computer. Now if we're talking about being young again, I definitely need glasses! ;)

  8. don't worry Rena, we all have our senior moments!!! ha ha!


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