Thursday, 31 January 2013

Paper punch?

This is Munch. I made him for my older daughter when she was about 6. (She is now nearly 20!) He was made without a pattern and he was my own version of Mr Punch. 

Recently I had some stripy paper in my stash and it was just crying out to become a puppet theatre card.
I couldn't find a Mr Punch clipart so I drew one, cut it out and covered it in a layer of Embossing powder to give him a bit of strength.

Mr Punch is glued to a lollipop stick and fits into a little tab of paper on the back of the aperture. He can be taken out and played thus doubling the cards fun.

 You could take this idea and make a whole gang of characters for your puppet theatre card. It could be a present and card all in one.

To make... use a tall card blank and cover with stripy paper...cut an aperture for the stage and make the top into a point. I've decorated mine with trim made from this punch.
You can use a little flap of mulberry paper to make a backdrop . Glue this just above the back of the aperture. Then don't forget to make a paper strip to slot the puppet into - just below the back of the aperture.

 OK Mr Punch, you can go now! I want to show my readers the card insert...
I thought it was fun.
So there you have it...Got anything else to add, Munch?


  1. If I wasn't so cack-handed I'd make one myself!

  2. cute idea. i think mr punch would make a great blog mascot.


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