Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hello's been a while. We've had a household full of bugs and aches and pains of varying kinds for the holidays, so blogging was not really on the agenda. My poor son came home for a wee break from Uni and ended up sick in bed for a few days. Not the kind of rest he was hoping for - but it was lovely to see him anyway.

So, have I managed any crafting over the holidays? Not a whole lot. I have started to crochet a scarf...I think it might be ready by next winter! At least I won't run out of yarn. It cost me around 90p at a charity shop!

I've done a bit of card-making in the last couple of days now that my craft-room has been vacated (it doubles as my son's bedroom).  I also have a long list of sewing and other creative projects lined up for 2013. Currently I am keeping the list in my head because if I commit it to text and then never get around to anything on the list I'll feel bad ! This'll never know what it was I didn't do! I'm mean like that!
Mwa ha ha ha !
I can't show you all this card cos the recipient might see it!

I hope you all had a good holiday and that you have a wonderful 2013.

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  1. If I were to crochet a scarf it would take to Christmas too, Christmas 2029 or maybe the one after!

    Happy New Year to you.


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