Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Magnifying Bookmark

You know how it're lying in bed trying to sleep and then BANG you get an idea and you just have to try it out. So here they are...Crazy Glasses Magnifying Bookmark.  I'm thinking of making a few for my Etsy shop.

Does anyone read books any more? I know I do, but do most people have a Kindle or other device now? Well, for those of us that still prefer real paper books, these would make a fun gift.
I'd better make some more now!


  1. My the mask of Zorro methinks for when you go out at night derring do and putting the Highlands to rights and us Lowlanders to shame!

  2. this is fun, Doda! :) and ye, I do read books - and magazines :-)...

  3. I am a kindle addict but I'm sure these would go down well, especially with little girls. Well done on thinking up a new fun idea

  4. Hi Doda, just dropped in from the Crafting Ireland DT, I'm going to make coffee and settle down to read your blog. Lovely To "meet " you!! Felicia x

  5. Hi Doda! I am your newest follower =)
    That book mark idea is so unusual and pretty! I love reading books, I do occasionally read them on the ipad, but it's not the same. I just love the smell and feel of an old, battered book =)

  6. great idea. would make a great gift tucked in a book.


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