Wednesday, 7 October 2009


No, not life, the universe, the cosmos...just Cosmos the lovely flower that is blooming away in my garden when everything else is starting to die back and look quite autumnal. There is quite a chill in the air, and these lovely flowers are not at all phased, and continue to blossom beautifully. I shall be saving seeds and growing a whole lot more of these next year!


  1. I love your photograph! The colors are so rich. Cosmos is a lovely flower. I must grow them again.

  2. Beautiful photo, beautiful flower. This is probably my favourite flower and is also still growing in my garden in the south of England. I love all the different shades of pink they come in. Thanks for sharing.
    Kristin :)

  3. your photo is gorgeous, and i'll bet your garden is too! i think that cosmos are such happy flowers!! :))


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